Best 4G Wi-Fi Modem For Travelers

If you are a traveler or video blogger and finding internet is frustrating for you then this article is for you. Open networks also available but mostly it is annoying due to security purposes and also due to signal quality, you have to change your place to get it better. While using small portable 4g wifi modem provide you ease and gets you out of all this hectic job. 

TP-Link N300: 
This is truly an ideal wife modem for travelers. It is portable and can easily fit easily in your pocket. It is light weight with 7.0 ounces of weight. The modem itself is fairly enticing, choosing a two-tone baby blue and white style. It has rounded edges which makes it sleek and fashionable. The higher face is colored with the trendy blue style that includes a refined “TP-Link” brand within the bottom left corner. It provides you 2 options for power. One is like provide with AC adapter and if you have no access to AC you can charge it by any laptop or mobile. It perfectly performs on 2.4G frequency and provides you maximum output up to 300mbps. 

GL.inet GL AR-150: 
This budget decide encompasses a tiny tag and tons of options, creating the GL.inet GL AR-150 a wise answer for travelers United Nations agency who quickly need wifi 4G connection during travelling. AR-150 has Open VPN installed for extra security. Compatible with over twenty VPN service suppliers provided with TOR microcode obtainable for downloading, the GL AR-150 gives best protection against different bugs. You can use different methods to charge it like you can use usb, dc voltage adapter or power bank. Provided with twin LAN ports and with super-fast ram of 64 MB GLAR-150 will increase its memory with external USB sticks. With a prime speed of 150Mbps and low power consumption, GL-AR150 is formed to figure with a mobile 3G or 4G affiliation and change into a non-public LAN network. 

GL MT300A: 
The GL-MT300A is another new device into the travel router world that is worth the value of admittance. It can easily fit in your pocket, easily transportable because of its light weight and can be easily be charged by any portable computer, power bank or dc adapter. It gives you and guarantees you security by providing a number for free VPN suppliers. In addition, the MT300A gives you a fast processing speed with 128 MB of RAM and also 16GB ROM aboard for firmly sharing files or transmission. You can browse internet super-fast with its specifications. Moreover, it has option of two Ethernet ports for more connections and memory card slot for sharing data. For more information, please log on to